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Afritimsu Group African Woods

While our concentration is mainly on African Species, we also work in collaboration with European And South American Partners who supply European Softwoods And South American Exotic Hardwoods. See other species here
Our African Species logs come from the West and Central African coast most especially from Cameroon and Gabon. Quality is A, B, B+ for logs. Around Fourty principal species of this logs are available, in the qualities required by our clients, to order or from stock, with possibility of 500CMB per wood supply ability per month. We can commit to providing higher volumes, which always respect ATIBT quality standards. We deliver this product to all possible destinations, by conventional boat, container, truck or train. Orders can be placed for the woods listed in our general listing page and immediate order from the following species below;


Kosso | Vene Wood (Pterocarpus erinaceus)

Kosso wood is characterized by various tones of deep brown, light red, and gold. There is a ..... More Info


Kosipo Wood (Entandrophragma candollei)

The sapwood is whitish to pale brown, it has a thickness of 5 to 7.5 cm. The heartwood is brown ..... More Info


Koto Wood (Pterygota macrocarpa)

Koto is used as core stock for plywood manufacture and as a backing veneer for plywood panels .... More Info


Lati | White Wenge | Yaya Wood (Amphimas spp)

The heartwood is cream white to yellow brown. The presence of parenchyma bands regularly spaced ..... More Infoe


Limba | Frake Wood (Tieghemella heckelii)

This wood goes by a number of names, and historically has been called Afara or Korina, in addition ... More Info


Limbali Wood (Gilbertiodendron dewevrei

Limbali is durable to fungi and is durable to dry wood borers; sapwood demarcated (risk limited to sapwood) ... More Info


Longhi Wood (Gambeya lacourtiana)

The sapwood is paler than heartwood. The heartwood is pinkish brown to yellow-brown, it is not clearly ... More Info


Lotofa | Brown Lotofa (Sterculia rhinopetala)

Durable to decay; this species can be utilized without preservative treatment for exterior ... More Info


Makore | Douka Wood (Tieghemella heckelii)

Makore is very durable, and is also resistant to insect attack. Heartwood pink or reddish brown, ... More Info


Mansonia | Bete | A. Black Walnut( M. altissima)

Mansonia is a very durable in regards to decay resistance, and is also resistant to termite and. ... More Info


African Mahogany | Acajou D'Afrique (Khaya spp.)

Moderately durable; moderate to poor insect/borer resistance. Heartwood color is variable,. ... More Info

african mesquite

Mesquite | African Mesquite (Prosopis a.)

African Mesquite is a durable to very durable regarding decay resistance, and also has good ... More Info


Moabi | African Pearwood (Baillonella t.)

Rated as very durable; good insect resistance. Heartwood is a rather uniform pinkish brown, ... More Info


Movingui | Satinwood (Distemonanthus b.)

Yellow to orangish brown; color tends to darken with age. Movingui frequently exhibits figured ... More Info


Mukulungu | African Redwood (Autranella c.)

Mukulungu is a large tree of the forests of West and Central Africa that can reach 50 m high. ... More Info

Article 03.... Impact of COVID-19 on the EU tropical wood market .

The impact of COVID-19 on imports of tropical wood and wood furniture on individual EU27 countries has varied widely, dependent on underlying economic and trade trends before the onset of the pandemic, the differing level of each country’s exposure to the pandemic, and variation in the timing and scope of the policy response.......... Read On!