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Afritimsu Group African Woods

While our concentration is mainly on African Species, we also work in collaboration with European And South American Partners who supply European Softwoods And South American Exotic Hardwoods. See other species here
Our African Species logs come from the West and Central African coast most especially from Cameroon and Gabon. Quality is A, B, B+ for logs. Around Fourty principal species of this logs are available, in the qualities required by our clients, to order or from stock, with possibility of 500CMB per wood supply ability per month. We can commit to providing higher volumes, which always respect ATIBT quality standards. We deliver this product to all possible destinations, by conventional boat, container, truck or train. Orders can be placed for the woods listed in our general listing page and immediate order from the following species below;


Chenchen Wood (Antiaris africana)

An Africa wood species with a long list of applications has an even longer list of names. The..... More Info


Dabema Wood (Piptadeniastrum africanum)

The wood is light brown to golden brown, sometimes with ribbon like aspect on quartersawn. It has..... More Info


Danta | Kotibe (Nesogordonia papaverifera)

The sapwood is pale, it has a thickness of 5 cm. The heartwood is red-brown, it is clearly... More Info


Doussie | Afzelia Wood(Afzelia africana)

Doussie is a beautiful orange-brown wood. It is one of most popular species that are imported ..... More Info


Ekop Naga | Naga (Brachystegia eurycoma)

Moderately durable to decay. Without preservative treatment, this species can be used only ... More Info

african black wood

Ebony | African Ebony(Diospyros crassiflora)

African Ebony is very durable. Heartwood is usually jet-black, with little to no variation ... More Info


Etimoe | African Etimoe Wood (Copaifera mildbraedii)

Think of Etimoe as a hybrid of Koa and Mahogany. It has rich reddish-brown color and a medium ... More Info


Eveuss Wood (Klainedoxa gabonensis)

The heartwood is orange-yellow or golden-brown, darkening on exposure to a dark brown with ... More Info


Eucalyptus Wood(E. Grandis, Saligna)

Heartwood color ranges from pink to reddish brown. Paler sapwood is sometimes indistinct from ... More Info


Eyong | Yellow sterculia Wood(Eribroma O.)

The heartwood is orange-yellow or golden-brown, darkening on exposure to a dark brown with black. ... More Info


Framire | Idigbo | Black Afara Wood (Terminalia I.)

The heartwood is yellowish white to pale yellowish-brown, often greenish, it is not clearly. ... More Info


Fromager | Ceiba Wood (Ceiba pentandra)

Heartwood color ranges from golden yellow brown to a deeper reddish brown, frequently with ... More Info


Iroko Wood(Milicia excelsa)

Iroko is very durable, and is resistant to both rot and insect attack. Heartwood is usually ... More Info


Izombe Wood (Testulea gabonensis)

The heartwood is pink yellow to orange yellow, it is not clearly demarcated. The silver figure ... More Info


Kiaat | Muninga | Mukwa Wood(Pterocarpus angolensis)

Heartwood is rated as being durable to moderately durable; good resistance to insect attack. ... More Info

Article 03.... Impact of COVID-19 on the EU tropical wood market .

The impact of COVID-19 on imports of tropical wood and wood furniture on individual EU27 countries has varied widely, dependent on underlying economic and trade trends before the onset of the pandemic, the differing level of each country’s exposure to the pandemic, and variation in the timing and scope of the policy response.......... Read On!