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Investment Opportunities

The wood industry is a great area to invest. It’s unlike any other industry and two lumber stocks stand above the rest. Each is in a unique position to push profits higher. There are unique properties to owning forestland with timber. There’s a built-in optionality that’s great for investors. When prices are low, forestland owners don’t have to cut down and process as many trees. That’s not great for short-term sales, but the trees will continue to grow, as will their potential value. When prices push higher, timber companies can easily produce more wood. Maintaining the trees and land can also require minimal maintenance. It’s important to point out that not all lumber companies focus on growing and harvesting trees, though. Some work primarily on the processing and selling side. They don’t have as much control over the supply.The difference here is between timber vs. lumber products. “Timber” usually refers to intact trees or trees that have been cut and minimally processed. “Lumber” usually refers to wood that’s cut to standard sizes for commercial use or for construction. The companies I’ve highlighted below have the benefit of owning and managing timberland. On top of that, they also deal with processing the timber. So they’re both lumber and timber companies. This vertical integration can help these companies keep more of the profits.

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The purchasing department is the area responsible for the acquisition of new products. We are constantly looking for new certified suppliers to help us develop our forest and export services.

Afritimsu Group's purchase policy is based on transparency and continual product innovation. Our products are choosed and based on several criteria including quality, reliable delivery and the value that the product provides to our customers in order to achieve an optimal balance between price and quality.

So Afritimsu group is more willing to enter into partnership with other certified wood suppliers with their forest and or ready wood be it in logs or customised shape. All wood supplier be it individuals or organization within the Congo Basin area, West Africa, East Africa and South Africa are welcomed.

Afritimsu group also welcomes Sawmill Operators, Certified Forest Land Owners, Forest management Experts and wood related skills owners to work with us.

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Sales Agents
Become our Sales Agent

Here at Afritimsu group, we work with 'sales agent' who are self-employed, commission-only, business-to-business sales person. Agents who tend to specialise by MARKET, not merely by product. Agents that will build a portfolio of products and/or services that suit clients within the wood/timber framwork.

Typically sales agents will tend to:
1. Have a portfolio of about 3 to 6 products or services from Logs, Sawn boules, Timber/Lumber, Decking Products, to Proprietary grade wood
2. Cover a territory of several countries or an entire continent.
3. Have an established network of customers
4. Work purely on commission - a percentage of the net invoice value
5. Not buy stock, nor carry stock, nor deliver it, nor collect payment for it (otherwise they start to become a 'distributor')

Afritimsu will discuss the commission rate needed by each agent. Also Afritimsu will also welcome from its sales agent's their commercial terms after which we will discuss, agree and sign a mandate/commission agreement. Please fill the form below for more infos

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Investment Opportunities
Invest With Us

Here at Afritimsu group, we welcome both Individual or private(retail) and public or institutional investors. With our investment protection strategies, we make sure that investors do not lose money if their investments default (are not repaid).

Timber is one of the safest and steadiest growth investments available, protecting an investor in times of inflation, and providing returns that have beaten almost every other investment sector over the past 40 years. Teak in particular offers one of the best values and highest yields in the timber sector. It is a small niche segment of the timber industry and is managed by smaller, privately owned companies rather than by big institutional operators.

Afritimsu Group has a good number of ways to invest in teak and other hand planted trees. How you invest — and with which company — can have a significant effect on your returns. The key question you must ask is: “What assets am I buying with my investment funds?”

Some of the reasons you should invest in Timber is because; The demand for timber is increasing, Timber is an inflation hedge, Timber returns beat stocks, Timber has low correlation to other asset classes, Investment in land as an appreciating asset.
For us to talk more about this investment opportunites available for all, discuss with our experts on this subject by filling out the below form...

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