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Afritimsu Group is a leading supplier of Hardwoods And Softwoods in all forms. We offer the best quality Hardwoods And Softwoods and offer eco friendly packing to our esteemed clientele. We offer unadulterated content to the clients and do not compromise on the quality of the Hardwoods And Softwoods.

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Hardwoods & Softwoods

Afritimsu Group Is A Leading Supplier Of High Quality Hardwoods And Softwoods In All Standards And Customized Form As Per Buyer's Market Requirements. We Supply Finished, Semi Finished And Unfinished Hardwoods And Softwoods And Hardwoods And Softwoods Products. With An International Sales Team, Having More Than 20 Years Experience In The Hardwoods And Softwoods Market Trade And Logistics, We Are Able To Get Your Requested Hardwoods And Softwoods Wood Type Packed And Transported To The Port Of Designation, With Compatible Shipping Costs To Your Indicated Final Destinations Fast And Reliably.

Amongst Our 85 Species includes: Afromosia, Ayous, Azobé, Acajou, Ako, Aningeria, Ebony, Bilinga, Dabema, Fraké, Tali, Iroko, Padouk, Sapelli, Wenge, Doussie, Okan, Okoumé, Ovangkol, Mansonia, Bubinga, Teak, Niové, Zingana, Blinga, Teak, Kosso, Blackwood, Snakewood etc.

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Quality Timber Supply

We Can Supply Various Timber Grade Such As: Extra Grade, First & Seconds - FAS, FAS 1-Face - F1F, Select - SEL, No. 1 Common - 1C, No. 2A Common - 2AC, No. 2B Common - 2BC, No. 3A Common - 3AC.

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Customized Cutting Dimensions. Rough Sawn, S4S, S2S..