About Agba | Tola Wood (Gossweilerodendron balsamiferum)

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Agba | Tola Wood (Gossweilerodendron balsamiferum)

. This Specie Can be produced and shipped in Saw logs, Peeled Logs, Square edged timber, Round edged timber, Flooring boards, Finishing boards, Unedged boards, Square logs, Decking boards, Parquet floors, Floor planks, Wall coverings(Veneers Sheets), Plywood, Roof coverings, Rattan, Sleepers, Polls and proprietary grade hardwood products of both finish and unfinished.

Available In Logs, FAS AD & KD Sawn Timber, Veneer Sheets ETC Buy Now
Available In Logs, FAS AD & KD Sawn Timber, Veneer Sheets ETC Buy Now
Available In Logs, FAS AD & KD Sawn Timber, Veneer Sheets ETC Buy Now

Agba Wood Specie

  • Common Name(s): - Agba
  • Scientific Name: - Gossweilerodendron balsamiferum
  • Distribution: - Central & West Africa
  • Tree Size: -
  • Average Dried Weight: - 510
  • Specific Gravity (Basic, 12% MC): -
  • Janka Hardness: -
  • Modulus of Rupture: -
  • Elastic Modulus: -
  • Crushing Strength: -
  • Shrinkage: -
  • Availability: - Highly Available
  • Restrictions: - No


  • Color/Appearance: - Freshly sawn Agba has a yellow to pinkish brown color. It has a uniform structure without a clear pattern. The 50-100 mm thick sapwood has a lighter colour and is not so easy to distinguish. Freshly sawn and kiln dried Agba has a peppery odour. Sometimes the wood can contain a gum-like resin. The wood structure is straight and interlocked and the texture is fine.
  • Grain/Texture: -
  • Endgrain: -
  • Rot Resistance: - Agba is highly resistant to crushing strains; it compares favourably with Honduras mahogany, being about half as tough again and equal in crushing strength, though somewhat less stiff. Brittleheart is often extensive, particularly in large logs. The affected timber is considerably weaker than normal wood, and careful selection is necessary where strength is a requirement.
  • Workability: - Good - Agba is easy to work with most hand and machine tools; sometimes there is a slight tendency for saws to stick owing to the gumminess of the wood. An excellent finish can be obtained and the wood has good nailing, screwing and gluing properties. It produces good veneer by slicing, but the logs should not be steamed, or the veneer dried under high temperature, because the wood will gum under these conditions. Generally, agba is similar to Honduras mahogany in working qualities, but usually milder to work. It takes stain and polish well.
  • Odor: -
  • Allergies/Toxicity: -
  • Pricing/Availability: -
  • Sustainability: -
  • Common Uses: - The light coloured Agba is outstanding suitable for use in construction elements, like facades, timber, door and window frames, doors and windows, furniture, parquet and flooring.
  • Comments: -
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